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I have a Lee Enfield .303 British No.5 with the markings ” England 27L494″ marked under the safety. It Is a jungle Carbine with the markings on the top of the end of the barrel reading ” Santa Fe Jungle Carbine, Santa Fe Div. Golden State Arms Corp. Pasadena California U.S.A.”. On the clip it reads ” Santa Fe Magazine”. It is in very good, if not flawless condition. it has the bayonet clip on the bottom side with the factory muzzle flash on it. Does anyone know what wars these guns were used and any other facts? About what would this rifle be worth?

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I think these were brought back and cut to Jungle Carbine's by the Santa Fe Arms Corp. I owned one years ago and found that they are good weapons and great for deer in CA.

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The serial number is for a No4 Mk1* Longbranch ( Canadian manufacture).
Many No4's were converted to resemble a No5 Mk1 (a.k.a. Jungle Carbine)by Sante Fe , Navy Arms , Gibbs Rifle co. to name a few . Interesting conversions .
The England stamp is British Govt export stamp .

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as stated above with the santa fe markings the only war it might have been in was the dear feilds on opening day in it's current configuration,,lol..value for these handy little carbines would average around 150-maybe 200 in a private sale situation to a sportsman looking for a nice 303 caliber hunting/truck rifle..

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