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I have a janssen & sons shotgun that is all nickle with leaves & vines engraved on the trigger guard side plates and both hammers, I have never seen a janssen shotgun like this one the barrels is 28 inches long I had a new walnut stock & forend custom made for this gun with leaves & vines engraved on the wood along with heavy checkering and wood diamond inlay on the stock & forend cabels catalog has a janssen & sons shotgun in it for $2800.00 but again its not solid nickle like mine. Its almost impossible to find out about these shotguns. The furnish collection that was donated to the buffalo bill museum also had 1 janssen & sons shotgun in that collection. my gun is in excellent condition and is tight like its not been shot but a few times. can you tell me about what this gun is worth I was told the gun is from about 1912 to 1915 thanks. <email>

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wish i could help ive got 1 too ...figured wood stock beautiful really wish to know more.

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This is one of those cases where you really need to post a few good photos to get better information.

I'd say your date range is pretty accurate. Many of the "Nickel" Janssen guns (may or may not actually be nickel) also have damascus steel barrels. Does yours?

Is your nickel smooth and polished-looking, or does it have a slightly rough appearance?

Most if not all of these guns were not designed for modern high-pressure shells, so if you shoot it, use retro black powder shells or their equivalent.

There just really does not seem to be alot of collector interest in these guns. The general opinion is that Belgian guns like this were almost always made on a contract basis to supply other companies for export, mainly so the importer could offer a European gun for marketing purposes as part of their line up, and they are all over the map in quality. Most, while pretty, even "tight", are of relatively poor quality guns.

Values, even for the prettier guns, are usually fairly low-- in the $100-$200 range. Interstingly, the Janssen pistols go for more.

I've seen the Cabellas gun and I think they are nuts for asking that much. Probably waiting for a sucker-- they've lowered the price by $1000 recently. Cabellas is typically ridiculously overpriced anyway.

If there is a serious Janssen collector out there, he or she might pay a bit more than average. Your replacement stock would kill collector value, most likley. Though it might raise value a little to an average person if the stock is better than the original.

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i have a 12 gage dougle barrel ingraved whith rubys (appering) thanks russ

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