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Circa 1940 Manuffacture d'Armes de Bayonne MAB Model D semi automatic pistol. Fram marked PISTOLET AUTOMATIQUE CAL 7.65 MAB BREVETE Black plastic grips with MAB

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"Circa 1940 Manuffacture d'Armes de Bayonne MAB Model D semi automatic pistol. Fram marked PISTOLET AUTOMATIQUE CAL 7.65 MAB BREVETE Black plastic grips with MAB"

Dating these pistol can be tricky -- based on what you have written, your pistol dates from 1933-about 1950. More information or photos would make closed dating possible. For example, is the lower line of text on the slide "MAB BREVETTE MODELE D" or just "MAB brevette"? What is the s/n?

Much of the information on MABs in standard arms reference books and on the internet is incorrect. It is very common to confuse pre-WWII, WWII, and post-WWII pistols, or the Type I and Type II pistols, since they all look similar. Value of these varies widely -- it depends on condition, of course, but also when it was made. MAB Ds made during the German occupation of France and marked with German Army acceptance stamps (WaffenAmt/WaA) are more desirable to most collectors than other MAB Ds and generally sell for $100-200 more than another example in similar condition without the WaA. As a result, there are now a number of MAB Ds with faked WaAs (very easy to spot if you know what to look for).

This is a 7.65mm (.32ACP) MAB model D ("brevette" just means "patented". MAB (Manufacture d'Armes de Bayonne) was a French pistol manufacturer from 1920-1982. The model D was made 1933-1982 in calibers 7.65 (.32ACP) and 9mm court (9mm short, or .380ACP) in two or three versions (depending on how changes are counted). The design was based on the Browning model 1910/22 (but it was not a copy). It was intended for police and military use (hence the lanyard ring on the butt of most examples) although also available commercially.

Before WWII it was used by French police and armed government agencies. Shortly before WWII the entire production was diverted to the French government as it prepared for war and pistols went to the French Army and Navy. During the German occupation of France the German Army kept the model D in production for its forces. About 50,000 were made during the occupation (1940-1944); these are marked with German Army acceptance stamps. Production of the model D resumed in 1945, again with all pistols going to the French government as part of military rearmament, until the production of the more powerful regular military handguns (models 1935A and 1935S, model 1950) could meet the military's needs. It remained in use with French police and armed agencies (Customs, Bank of France, railway, etc) until MAB closed.

For more information on this pistol and MABs in general, see: http://unblinkingeye.com/Guns/MABHist/mabhist.html

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Jay Shim

I have been given a MAB BREVETTE MODELE D s/n d 358(the 3 could be a 8 but since there is a clear 8 at thr endthe first # looks more like a 3). The safty has a double latching capablity on the bottom of the slide, first is a safty and second keeps the chamber oppened; there is a safety on the back of the grip that engages as you grip the gun. The gun is in very good condition having a thumb rest on the left side; believe would not sute a left handed shooter. I have not fired this hand gun and would like more information on ammo (7.65 / 32) and the avalibility of purchacing extra mags.

Thanks Jay

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My dad gave me his old MAB brevette and I need to replace the plastic hand grips and also needs magazines. Any clue where to locate these parts?

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