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I have a J. Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass. U.S.A. Model 11-22 long rifle Crack Shot Paat. July 7 1907. Does anyone know how much it is worth.In fair condition.

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Stevens made four different series of guns they called Crack Shot,

the Number 15 and Number 16 Crack Shot were tip-down single shot rifles that broke open at the breech much like a shotgun. These would have been made 1871 to 1896.

The Model 16 Crack Shot and the 16 1/2 Crack shot (yep, same number, same name) were tilting block rifles using a side-lever on the side of the receiver to tilt the block. This model was made 1910 to 1913

then, the number 26 Crack shot was introduced in 1913 although most of this model were made from 1920 to 1940. It was a "cheapened" favorite with an under-lever that doubled as the trigger guard.

then, in 1971 and 1972 Savage introduced a modified Favorite and called the models 72 and 74 Crack Shot and Little Crack shot. These used an under-lever that doubled as the trigger guard.

NONE of these were called the model 11.

So, we know from the way the company name is written, that your gun was made 1920 to 1940. That being the case, I think it has to be a number 26.

THAT Being said, Number 26 crack shots are selling on Gunbroker for $200 to $400 depending on condition.

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