IS 800$ too much to pay for a 1937 8mm german mauser with or...

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IS 800$ too much to pay for a 1937 8mm german mauser with original markings? it is a veteran brought back

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hello..if its a all matching rifle with nice german markings and it's not import marked it could be worth 800,,with bring backs provanance it could easily be worth over 1000+,,but ya need documents proveing the history and the original owners information reguarding how he got it,,alot of things make a difference when determining german mausers ,,the factory code ,,the correct waffenamps for the factory it was produced at ,,the correct type stock and correct stock markings,,all parts on the rifle should be matching serial numbers ,,the bolt will proably only have 2-3 numbers of the serial number to be matching,,all these factors are cruical when a collector looks at the rifle for the highest dollar sale ,,but make sure for the money your thinking about spending you get some provanance on the history of the rifle ,,it will always help if some day down the road ya deceide to sell it..

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It could be too much..

First rule it has to be 100% matching

Second rule is condition...

1937 is not easy to find matching and in good condition.

A matching and in good condition (un-cleaned stock) 1937 should bring well over $2000.

Matching but poor condition could be close to $800.

Mismatched is worth less..


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