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Fabian Ramos

I have a Beretta Mod 84 cal. 9 short, I would like to know if it is authentic.
In the left side says PIETRO BERETTA GARDONE V.T. Cal. 9 short, and below says, MADE IN ITALIA (ALL BERETTA'S I have seen say MADE IN ITALY) down the barrel has the following number: B 12554 Y , and IN the right side says: BERBEN CORPORATION NY - N.Y. - MOD. 84 - PATENTED

Other features match the original brand.

Thank in advance for your opinion.

Best Regards

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3 years ago#2

on the right side there should be a couple of letters stamped just to the right of the trigger. they should be in a box? Mine has a AF which makes it a 1980 mfg. date. Beretta USA has the search engine under the FAQ page.

3 years ago#3
Beretta authenthicity

Thanks for your answer.

Yes there are a couple of letter in a box, this is AD, and outside of box, near of the left bottom there are the letters PSF.

Look at the photos

What do you think ?

Best regards


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