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I just inherited a stevens 107b 12 gauge. I got this gun from a very close friend who just passed away, I know he has it for some time and he died at 78. Is there anyway to id the year? ALso were would the serial numbers be anyway, I cant find them? Thanks. Rick in Swansea Ma.

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Hi Rick, Quoting from the 2010 catalog of standard firearms--- " Stevens company produced a number of single barrel, break open, single shot shotguns.They were chambered for various gauges, various- length barrels, & chokes.They are quite similar in appearance & were designed as inexpensive, utility- grade weapons. There is little or no collector interest in them at this time, & their values are the same.They are listed for reference purposes only!" The model #'s listed below are included---

MODEL #'S == 89,90,93,94,94a,94c,95,97,100,102,104,105,106,107,108,110,120,125,140,160,165,170,180,944,958,970.

Value == Poor condition $25.00, Fair $50.00, Good $75.00, Very Good $100.00,In excellent condition $150.00.

Also to find the serial #, it should be located on the break open part ( the lug ) & also on the frame.

As for date of manufacturing, Stevens sold to Savage Arms in 1920, the moved to Massachusetts in 1960.

I hope you find the info you need................Joe

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Joe, Thank you for your response. If they sold to Svage in 1920, does that make this gun pre 1920? Thanks again?

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