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I have the Walther PPK/s 380ACP, kurz 9mm, USA model. A gun dealer tells me it is not an effective defense weapon against a large-body male. Included are 2 magazines of 9 round capacity. What is the real answer?

James Q.

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THe real answer is that any gun you can handle well is your best choice. People with little training should not shoot a more powerful pistol. Being shot is being shot. You want to get your round on target ...not scare him with the blast of a missed shot. That would only make him mad and want to kill faster

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Walter ppk 9mm kurz, ...

Col. Rendina:
Thank you for your answer that gets to the point. I needed to feel confident it should stop an offender with one shot to the body or leg in a gun to gun standoff. My home was recently broken into... on my Veterans Day!

My wife and I have elected to also arm the house with Fox 5.3 pepper cloud sprayer, to avoid having to kill an intruder. Hopefully, I can depend on the PPK Kurz 9mm to detain after a spray, rather than kill.

Happy Thanksgiving...
James Q.

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