2 years ago

I have my 300 Savage model 99m I bought in 1967 with a 3x9 Leopold bought in the 1990's. Looking to sell but don,t know the value. Can you help me come up with a price? In good shape.


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2 years ago
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Well, for the rifle it's actually a model 99DL. They were struck with a 99M, but catalogued and sold as 99DL. It's thought that the M stands for monte carlo stock, but the DL is better marketing by meaning DeLuxe. The 300 Savage isn't that popular in post-1960 models, I would guess the rifle would usually bring $400 to $500 in good shape on the used gun market.

The value of the Leupold will depend on the exact model. If you can find that then you can post a question in the Rifle Scopes forum here as to the value.

Hope this helps.

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