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I have an international harvester M1garand and i am trying to find fair value of this gun

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internation harvester made m-1 garands during the korean conflict and are one of the more collectable varaitions of the m-1 garnds ,,first off you need to know how correct it is ,,most parts should be marked IHC ,,finish on most IHC grands i've seen is a grey park finish,,The CMP sold alot of garands and yours may have been one sold by them 5-10 years ago,,when i see them there around 1000+ depending how nice and how correct they are ,,a couple books i'd recomend buying are the material and data sheets book by craig reish and joy poyers book on the m1 garand ,,these will give you info on what parts should be there and identifying marks and lot numbers for anything on a garand ,,price for the books would run you around 35 bucks or less for both and it's money well spent and you will know how correct your garand is ,,with this knowledge your garand could easily be worth around 1500 bucks with the correct parts,,

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