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Ray Wasilewski

I have a EIG model E 15 22 LR chrome plated revolver, Could someone tell me about what it is worth.?

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I'm afraid it is not worth much. These were inexpensive guns to begin with and not particularly well made.
Perhaps $100 on a good day.

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Not true about what this person said. I have sold many of them chrome plated for 275.00 to 350.00
I also own one like yours. Never had a problem with it for years and thousands of rounds later.
Good Luck with it. Most people like this fellow are very ignorant in there responses on blogs.

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If you're finding folks who will pay that much for a gun worth $100-125 on the current market then you need to be selling ocean front property in Kansas. Think what you could do if you ever ran across a quality gun to sell...

1 year ago#5
two old dogs
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Paul: Evidently you have a completely different EIG Model 15 than the ones I sold in the late 1960's for $19.95.

The EIG revolvers were nothing but RG revolvers made by Rohm GMBH of West Germany marked for Saul Eig, the importer in Miami who flooded the markets in the Southeast with cheap junk handguns and cutlery.

The EIG and RG revolvers were banned from import as "Saturday Night Specials" by the 1968 Gun Control Act which went into effect January 1,1969. It is illegal for licensed dealers in S.C. and several other states to sell or even repair these revolvers. They are made of inferior metal alloys (e.g. "Zamack", a zinc casting alloy with no strength) and even poorer workmanship.

You might read the following Blog by Mingo Frank which clearly explains the problems with these revolvers: http://www.gunvaluesboard.com/the-rg-10-in-a-nutshell.- 1797.html

The fellow you disparaged above is one of the more qualified Smith and Wesson Experts in the U.S. If you had any knowledge of firearms you would have found a significant number of highly knowledgeable individuals commenting on Gun Values Board who have forgotten more about firearms than you will ever know.

A low grade pawn shop would probably offer you $25 for your EIG pistols if working.

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