I have an American Eagle 16 ga. pump shot gun Mod.# 60G no s...

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I have an American Eagle 16 ga. pump shot gun Mod.# 60G no ser. # Who made it and when? Thanks.

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I have an American Eagle 16 gauge pump shotgun.
There seems to be a firing pin problem. What can you tell me about this odd shotgun?


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Weedboy,you make me chuckle, Is your gun made by Nikko Firearms Co. in Japan? First of all , lets talk about fired shells! Does your firing pin lightly strike the primer? Will the next fire at all?
Most firing pins ,if broken will eventually fire some shells, if it is broken. Have you taken it to a good gunsmith & had them look at it to see what is causing the problem?
All of these problems relate to a proper cleaning.Completely tear down, & oiled! Re-post you answer or get back to me.....Joe

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Martin Firearms

Probably made by Nobel for sale in the Spiegl catalog. Serial numbers were not required before 1964.

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