I have a Winchester model "1897" pump shotgun.It is in good ...

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I have a Winchester model "1897" pump shotgun.It is in good condition, all original stock and metal finish. The serial number Has a "C" above it.It has a 25 1/2" modified barrel. What would it's approximate value be?

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hello since you didn't give a serial number i can't tell you the year made ,,value for 97's in my kneck of the woods seems to be in the 250-450 range ,,and mabey a little more for models with special features and grades ,,

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"In February 1898, after about 47,000 shotguns had been made, some changes were made in the Model 1897. Then the gun was marked with the letter "C" over the serial number."

So your gun was made somewhere between the years 1898 and 1906. I might be wrong on this one, but I believe in 1906 the "D" model came out. They just modified the gun a little bit and gave it a new Letter. This doesn't really change the value bigcurt gave. Still around that $350 mark. What might give you a small adavatage in the $ department is that it has a 25 1/2" / Mod barrel. Most came with the 30"/ Full barrel. From my reading your gun must have been ordered with that barrel, as long as someone hasn't changed out the barrel. In that case the ser #'s won't match up. Which in the end could hurt the $ value. To many variables with these old guns to give a good $ amount without seeing the gun up close. I hope this helps you a little bit. Woody73

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