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I have a Winchester model 1894 2535 W.C.F., serial #272752, that has "from W.F. SHEARD TACOMA, WASH." stamped on the side of the magazine. It belonged to my great grandfather. Can you give me some history on it?

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Good moorning,

Your grandfather's rifle was manufactured during June of 1905. If you would like to find out the exact date it entered and then was shipped from the Winchester warehouse you can contact the Cody Firearms Museum. You can get "Factory Letter" which will be similare to that below regarding your rifle.
Cody http://www.bbhc.org/firearms/index.cfm

has "from W.F. SHEARD TACOMA, WASH." stamped on the side of the magazine

Usually this stamp is found on the barrel not the magazine of the rifle. WF Sheard was a gun dealer in Tacoma Washington, who patented and manufactured several different rifle sights. His sights were available on the Winchester 1894 and several other makes/models. Guns that were sold through his business were stamped as your is.

Can you please post some photos of the rifle? Right now I do no know if it is a carbine or sporting rifle.

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