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I have a Western Field 12 gauge bolt action shotgun.
Model 15K. I don't have the date it was manufactured. I don't have the magazine for it.

Any help is appreciated.

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hello..dateing the shotgun could be a problem ,,as records are not available on store brand guns to my knowledge ,,i can tell you that the model 15 western feild shotgun was made by mossberg but i can't find a cross refrence on a "K" model,,looking at the books mossberg made md 195 and 395 in 12 ga..and i'd bet one of these should be what ya have with the western feild trade name on it ..check numrich for a mag ,,there also knows as gun parts corp..there in NY and they have a site to check if it's in stock..at http://www.gunpartscorp.com/Default.aspx ,,i'd look at the parts listing for mossberg 195 or 395 and see if it looks like what ya have ..there were sooo many trade name guns made by major manufactures and some of the letter models are very tough to determing the exact model ..it's a hit and miss game sometimes and ya just gotta look to see if your shotgun looks simular to the parent companys line ,,savage also made bolt actions as well as h+r but i'm saying yours is proably a mossberg,,
best i can do for ya .

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The Western Field model 15K 20 gauge is a Mossberg Model 80 and was manufactured from 1933 to 1946.

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