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I have a WARDS Westernfield Model 21 20gauge single shot break action shotgun. Vintage? SN#F17877 What is the value,year made?

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Does your gun resemble the photos in this thread: http://forums.gunbroker.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=270050 ??

Assuming this is the "fold up" shotgun where the trigger guard recesses into the stock when you fold it up, then the best information I know of is as follows:

The model 21 from Wards Western Field is an H&R (Harrington and Richardson) shotgun labeled for Wards. It was made in a number of different gauges. If it has an ejector, (throws the shell out) it was made from 1931 to 1941. If it has an extractor, (you pull the spent shell out by hand) it was made between 1925 to 1930. This info has not been proven but from my own exhaustive research, it is the best info I have so far thanks to a gentleman named Jim Hauff. I have compared my model 21, 20 gauge with his H&R shotguns of the same configuration and the machining, features, even the serial number font are Identical. Unfortunately H&R has changed ownership a number of times and all of the archival records are in the hands of someone unwilling to share information. Hope that helps. <email>

That from http://wiki.answers.com/Q/ What_is_the_age_of_a_Wards_Western_Field_model_21_410_w ith_3_bore_fold-up_model_numbered_F18307

The model 21 doesn't appear in any of the normal "gun cross reference" lists.

The only H&R I can find on Gunbroker sold for approx $350, but the Western Field would be less of course, and would depend on condition.
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