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I have a Sears model 43-103-19811.22 rifle in near mint condition.Could you tell me what it may be valued at?

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your gun is a Marlin model 81 which was private labeled for Sears by Marlin. It is a bolt action rifle with tubular magazine. It holds 18 long rifle, 20 long and 25 short.

As a private label, its value is 70% to 80% of the same gun labeled by Marlin.

Recent sales on gunbroker for 81's have ranged from $55 to $120 depending on condition and completeness.

Does the Sears version have the adjustable rear peep sight? Without it, the value will max out under $100.

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if you decide to sale it give me a shout. i just finished one of those guns. <email>

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