I have a savage 24V-A 222/20ga O/U. What is the value of it?...

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I have a savage 24V-A 222/20ga O/U. What is the value of it??

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I usually go by the market value and NOT the book value. In other words - Go to www.auctionarms.com and search closed auctions for the model/caliber of gun/rifle that you have and see what others are paying for them. You can also search ongoing auctions to get a rough idea. Something is only worth what someone is actually willing to pay for it.

My analysis tells me that if your Rifle/Shotgun combo is in fine condition - it is worth roughly $450 without a scope. I always sell my rifles WITHOUT a scope and sell the scope separately.

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I too just acquired a Savage 24v series B, 222 over 3" 20ga. The price ranges are very radical. I am looking for other reputable auction sites. So far I have been to www.gunbroker.com and www.auctionarms.com. Any suggestions?

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C T Draper

I have a gun like the one described above-Good condition.
Very clean. has sling swivels mounted.
What is a fair price ?

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