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I have a Nickel plated S&W CTG Serial# D461564 MOD.10-5. When I open the cylinder it is stamped 56826 G5. My dad gave it to me years
ago and told me it was a 1972 Military pistol and has never been fired. Can you help me veify this and maybe give me some sort of value
of this weapon. Thank you for any help you can give.


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Al, To verify that information you'd have to request a history letter from S&W. They did charge $50 for such a letter last I heard. Your pistol information should also include barrel length and other features like grips and markings when you request that info. A very common barrel length at this early 1970's time was 4" but 5" and 6" were also available. Dan

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Guest wrote:
My dad gave it to me years ago and told me it was a 1972 Military pistol and has never been fired.

Hi Al
Your dad was probably right about the era. This serial number is appropriate for a Model 10-5 serialized in 1972. The fact that it is a dash 5 variant means it has the tapered barrel. The numbers you found in the yoke area are assembly numbers and don't really mean anything.
The Model 10 was named the Military and Police revolver, and was in direct line of descent from the fixed sight Hand Ejector Model of 1905. S&W started assigning model numbers in 1957.
You say the gun has never been fired. Do you have the original two-piece blue box? There should be several other items with it, including a cleaning rod, mop, brush and aluminum sight adjusting tool. There will also be some waxed wrapping paper with the S&W logo on it, and some paperwork.
If you have all this stuff and the gun is unfired, value is going to be north of $450.
I'd be interested in seeing pictures if you can post some.
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