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I have a model 1897 winchester 16 ga. with serial number E496124. what is its ballpark value and where can I find info on the maintance and cleaning of the gun.

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Your shotgun is almost a hundred years old. It was manufactured in 1912. If you are not using it hunt with then start with dissasembling and giving it a thorough cleanig and lubrication. After that an occaisional light reapplication of oil to the metal surfaces will keep it just fine. Run an oiled patch or two through the bore also. The wood can be cleaned with a quality furniture polish. I am not a proponent of any cleaning using very fine steel wool. A bit of aged crud on a gun is far better than a spots where the bluing is gone trying to clean something.

The condition of the gun will dictate its value to a collector. So not knowing that, only a range can be given which may be way off for you. Most of these guns with some use on them are in the $400 to $500 range. If the gun has a vent rib or special barrel and is very clean you could have more value.


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model 1897

I'm looking pls. send details thanks

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Guest "scs",

If you are posting pics to get info, that's great but you really need to start a new thread.

If you're posting to sell it, don't bother. This post is over 2 years old and buying /selling is prohibited on this site .

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