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I have a Model 1894 octagon barrel 32 ws the serial# is 175651. I had a gun smith look at it and tell me that the Blue is about 95% on it and the wood stock is closer to 98% with little wear and tear. On one web page it appears to be made in 1899 and on another it is between 1901 and 1902. Is there anyway to find out for sure what year it was made and what the value of it is, or should I take it to an antique dealer that deals in guns and have them look at it?

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I also forgot to add it has a Moon butt plate and Marble sights. I cant seem to find much info on the name of the sights that came on this gun but I do know that Marble did make sights for winchester, can anyone tell me if Marble made sights for this gun also?

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Easy questions first. Yes, Marbles made sights for Winchester rifles.

The most accurate way to tell the date of manufacture is by contacting the Cody Firearms Museum. There are differences in the serial data which is based on 'research' by George Madis back in the late 50's and early 60's. It has been shown to be quite inaccurate. BUT it is what the Feds use to determine antique status and hence that is the way it is.

If you could read the following and get back I would be glad to help.
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I look forward to helping

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