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I have a J. Stevens Arms company Visible Loading Repeater .22 Cal. with an Octagon Barrel. It is a Pump Action with a 24" Barrel. It has the number 08872 stamped near the trigger area. I want to know it's age and approximate value. Also any place I can get original parts for it as I am missing the feeder tube. I appreciate any info I can get as this gun has sentimental value to our family.

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That would be the Stevens Model 70

They were made from 1907 to 1932.

Blue book value:
Exc. Cond: $400.00 USD
V.G. Cond: $350.00 USD
Good Cond: $225.00 USD

Note that actual sales dollars lately have been 50 to 70% of blue book except for truly exceptional firearms. The down economy has effected the firearms market as much as anything else. Also recognize that if you are not individually selling the gun at retail, the dealer who buys it from you has to sell it to the next guy at a profit, generally, dealers and pawn shops will want 30% of their expected retail.

Do you need the inner magazine tube or the outer. Numrich has an inner tube for $25. http://www.gunpartscorp.com/catalog/Products.aspx? catid=4525

Bob's gun shop apppears to have a visible loader outer tube for $40. It's unclear, and you might want to call them to see if that includes both inner and outer. http://www.gun-parts.com/savagerifle/

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