I have a J. Stevens A. & T. Co. 7" single shot 22 cal pistol with wood grip...

I have a J. Stevens A. & T. Co. 7" single shot 22 cal pistol with wood grip. Serial No 38932. It's in good condition, and I would like to know what it's worth if anyone can help me?

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NOTE: the prices below come from current listings and auctions as of Feb 2013.

I think you have a Stevens Diamond #43, the second revision (the first had a brass frame.) .22 freehand target pistol made from 1896 to 1916.

The photo lacks sufficient details to be absolutely certain of the condition, and no shot of the other side or top. I can't really tell if the barrel retains any of its bluing, or if there is any pitting.

Never-the-less, it is certainly "Good" and might well be "Fine" depending on the condition of the barrel and how much blueing is retained.

Current auctions:

$375 asked: http://www.gunsinternational.com/J-Stevens-Diamond-43-Second-Issue-Pistol.cfm?gun_id=100172377

$450 with 80% blue retained http://www.goergensgunshop.com/web_images/1171-1.jpg

$375 -- at about 70% blueing retained http://www.goergensgunshop.com/web_images/1177-1.jpg

Note that the 10 inch barrel variation is worth considerably more. This example is priced at $550.
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