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I have a J Stevens Arms Co. 410 single shot pistol. I think this gun was made somewhere between 1924 and 1934. How much is it worth?

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According to my 2010 catalog: I could only find 1 listed
in .410 - Stevens NO. 35 Off hand shot gun, it had 2 barrel lengths 8" or 12.25", made between 1923-1934. Also 2 models listed Off Hand & Auto- Shot., that is according to the info you provided. Value can range from Poor- $75.00 to $450.00 + .These retailed , for $12.00 in 1934 catalog. Condition means everything to a collector, Serial #'s range from 1 to 43357. Hope this helps.....................................Joe

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Stevens quit building the shot-shell version of these guns after passage of the National Firearms Act in 1934 which regulated short barreled shotguns of less than 18 inches barrel length and less than 26 inches overall.

People who owned a short-barreled shotgun were given the opportunity to register the gun and pay a $200 tax when the law was passed in 1934, and during an amnesty period in 1968.

If your gun barrel is not rifled, if you look down it and there is not a spiral visible, and it is a smooth-bore, then it is a short-barreled shotgun.

In that case, if you do not have proof that the gun was registered, either in the '30's or in 1968, then simply posessing the gun is unlawful and subject to surrender of all of your firearms, prison up to 10 years, and fines under some circumstances of up to a quarter of a million dollars.

If you do not have proof of registration of the gun by a previous owner, a firearms specialist lawyer can query the serial number at ATF and see if it was registered, and if so, the gun can be transfered to you, and then transfered on to someone else.

If the lawyer finds that the gun was never registered, there is absolutely no way to register it now. ATF has refused to offer an amnesty since 1968, and has no plans to change that. In that case, the lawyer can arrange surrender to the ATF without identifying you. Do not under any circumstances contact ATF yourself.

Or, you could stick it back up in the attic and not tell anyone and hope that at some future time Congress corrects this stupid law.

Or, you could quietly drop it off a pier into the ocean or into a deep lake.

But, if you do have proof of registration, or if the lawyer were to find that it had been registered, then you can sell it.

These are not a popular gun, even among NFA Firearms collectors. Unlike other 410 pistols, they are very lightweight and therefore uncomfortable to shoot and other things make them seem "cheap".

Value is $100 to $600 depending on condition.

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can an individual inquire about a particular serial number to see if it is registered? if so, does anyone have contacts on how to do this?

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