I have a Hopkins & Allen .22 rifle single shot with a rollin...

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I have a Hopkins & Allen .22 rifle single shot with a rolling block.No.722.Can anyone tell me anything about it.

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hopkins & allen 722/822 and 922 light frame medium and heavy frame. the co was around from about 1830 to 1914 in a dozzen configurations. malin bought them i think. nice rifles better built than the stevens favorite just not worth much 50 to 150. check your chamber a lot were made before long rifle ammo and are chamberd in short or long. by the way its a falling block not a rolling block. the other reason to check the chamber and bore is the old ammo was blk powder and then smokles with mercury primer varry corrosive. if the bore is a sewer you can have the barrel relined and then its one of the best 22's ever built.

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