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I have a glenfield model 60 22 Lr #20599286. What year was it in production ?

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stardate 02/17/2011... According to all the "experts" out in cyberdom, this gun was most likely manufactured in 1980. I have a "Glenfield Model 60" myself and it's a nifty, light-weight firearm. It should have the squirrels on both sides of the lighter colored beechwood stock by the grip, some other decorative carvings on both sides of the fore-end and a silver trigger. It probably has a 21" barrel as well, instead of the shorter 19" found on the newer models and therefore holds a couple of extra rounds. Some of these rifles came with a small scope and therefore are worth a few extra bucks if it has an original but very few of these used rifles found around still have this scope with them because they were not of good quaility and most people took them back off right away. It would seem that you are suppose to subtract the first two numbers of the serial number from 2000 to arrive at the correct date for this particular rifle, thus, 20 from 2000 is 1980. There are about one-hundred kazillion of these inexpensive 22LRs out in the world, just short of the number of AK-47s in the hands of terrorists todate. These guns get loaded up with ammo crud easily and the the loading breech needs to be cleaned after just about every use which is no big deal as they disassemble very quickly. Some had or developed serious jamming problems however.
I hope this helps you out some.

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R. Derrick

No way this marlin model 60 was an 1980 vintage . I've had mine since the mid to later 70,s.
With squrrilels on either side of grips and same design on forearm.

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