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I have a Glenfield Mod. 25 made by the Marlin Firearms Company. It's a 22 caliber S-L-L-R bolt action with a clip. Serial number 26507549. Would like to know when it was made and approximate value.

Also, what could I expect if i were trying to sell it?

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The Marlin Model 25 is valued at;
Exc. Cond: $850.00 USD
V.G. Cond: $625.00 USD
Good Cond: $475.00 USD
Hope this helps,

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Guru - you must be using an incorrect reference. The Marlin 25's (.22RF bolt action rifle, pictured) are valued nowhere near what you quoted.

farmgirl - your model 25 was manufactured in 1974 and looks to be in excellent condition. Current values on these great little guns are about $100 - $150. They are excellent, well made rifles, that usually have super accuracy. I own several model 20/25's and love 'em all.

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