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I have a double barrel 12 or 16 gage wm moore & co. gun.Looks like 16? i bought it for 35.00 thinking it may be a good price? could u tell me what serial # to look for..... and e-mail me back at <email> thanks buddy p.

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First, your email gets purged by the system. It will never been seen on the board.

Second, it's not fair to the other users to request private information without paying for it. Answers to questions should be public.

Finally, about your shotgun, it's certainly easy enough to tell the gauge, measure the diameter of the barrel and post it in your question. The diameter conversion to gauge is easy enough.

You didn't specify if this was a breech loader or a muzzle loader if it was hammerless or not. if it has hammers is it for percussion caps or for cartridges? That always helps.

There was an english gunsmith named William Moore, and if this is one of his guns then the gun will have english proof marks on the barrels and the receiver flat. Can you describe all the marks or draw or photograph them?

but see, there's a problem. In addition to the W. Moore in London, there were two others in England, 3 in the U.S. and at least one from Belgium. The proof marks and manufacturer's marks will tell the story.

The original Wm. Moore and Company produced good grade English shotguns in side action c. 1853- 1895 at 43 Old Bond Street in London.

The name Wm. Moore and Company was later used on Belgium made bar-locks sold by the H. & D. Folsom Arms Company of NYC.

William Moore & Company was a Henri Pieper trade brand on Belgium made shotguns. Henri Pieper worked from 1877 to 1898.

And THAT doesn't include all of them. So, the details of the gun, the exact barrel length, type of action, proof marks, etc all matter.

Photos always help.

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