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I have a colt diamondback 38 special 4" barrel blued. It does not have the original grip but has a rubber grip with the pinky groove.

How much is this gun worth?
I know the origninal had a walnut grip from the SN. Where can I find that?

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The Colt Diamondback is valued at;
Exc. Cond: $725.00 USD
V.G. Cond: $375.00 USD
Good Cond: $300.00 USD

To locate the original grips click on the below link and scroll down to Pistol Grips. There are a few web-sites listed that may have what you are looking for.

Hope the above helps,

http://www.gunvaluesboard.com/gun-parts-ammo-auctions- amp-magazines-where-you-get-them-308.html

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

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I have a Colt Diamondback .38 blued 4 inch barrel. Has a little rust from sliding in and out of holster. Serial #D68110. I am buying a .45 today from a gunshop that takes trades. What should I expect as a value or should I try to sell it myself to a collector. I have owned this gun since 1977.

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Diamondbacks are hot commodities right now. The value is based on condition. If the revolver is a little rough, you're likely looking at a worth of around $500 to $700 depending on condition. A 95% 4" 38 blued will fetch over a grand retail.

A dealer needs to flip the gun and make a profit, so I'd be surprised if he offered you more than $300 or $400 for the gun. If you can sell it to a collector directly, that would be your best option. An online auction will bring top dollar if it is done correctly, so that is another option.

Perhaps the simplest way to sell your gun and put the most in your pocket would be to sell it onlne as a consignment.


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