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I have a Colt Army Special .38. It has patent information (...AUG 6 1884 JUN 6 1900 JULY 4 1905) on the top of the barrel. The pistol is in really good shape. As with another person (apprdre who discussed this with bigcurt), this gun was stored for probably more than 60 years. When I received it I just took it to a gun smith to be cleaned up. The action is very smooth. I did consider just using it for home protection but it may well be served as a collector's piece. I also have some what I think is original ammunition for it. The bullets say WESTERN 38 SPECIAL and are not hollow point but rounded and look old. Serial Number is 466605. Can you tell me anything about this gun and what it may be worth. If you want some pictures, I could take some and then attach.

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I need a approximate value

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Colt's Army Special was made 1908-1927. Serial numbering continued that of the New Navy, and New Army & Navy, but it was a markedly different design (cyliner rotated the opposite direction, among other things). It was never adopted by the War Dept. In 1927 Colt's renamed it the Official Police: only difference was the markings. Production continued until the end of the 1960s.

Use only standard velocity 38 Special ammunition; loads of higher velocity (known as Plus-P) will shorten service life and risk damage. Most special purpose self-defense ammo today is Plus-P.

You may be better served with a more modern handgun for self-defense.

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i have one just like your colt army 38 that was sent to Greece,has greek letters,# it was in a o;le cow boy holster made in denver,col

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