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I have a Baker Paragon 917 shotgun with isolated rust pits and some discoloration from use of a recoil pad. The engravings are excellent, however, unique and identified with model 917. 28" Krupp Fluid Steel barrels, Full Choke, both.

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Baker Paragon 917

I am interested in selling the gun. It was blued years ago by a gunsmith and in that process, which I only recently noticed, the solder cracked (barely visible) down the barrel. Otherwise it is a fine gun. I had one fellow make an offer and I was interested to see what it might be worth from your perspective. My email is <email> . Thank you very much.

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Well, Gun Values board doesn't want us to contact each other by email so I'll try it like this.

user id :nhlsabresfan
its a yahoo email address. Put those together and it should work. Hopefully that wont get "*" out. Thanks.

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