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i have a 25-25 w.c.f winchester model 1892 serial number 791580 with blued round barell good stock minor dings well oiled non the less and saddel ring with buffalo hide case any idea how much its worth?

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Hello Texasborn,

That must mean you have moved. Sorry. I was Michigan born gut got here as quick as I could! 30 years now.

Your rifle is actually a .25-20 caliber. The first number is the width of the lead bullet itself and the second number refers to the weight of black powder that the original ammunition had in the casing. From your description you have what is refered to as a Saddle Ring Carbine, or SRC configuration. I will need to see some photos if you could post them to know the condition of the blued surface on the rifle. Could you also include aphotos of the barrel address, caliber stamp, and upper tang stamp? I am conducting a research survey cataloging the changes made during the production of the Model 1892 and would appreciate being able to add yours into the database.


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