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I have a 1959/1960 Ruby Snipe Shotgun from Berretta. The roman Numeral Stamp on it says its from 1960. I have looked up the gun and taken to gun shops and know one seems to know what it is or can give me any ball park to what its worth. If anyone knows anything about this gun please let me know. It is a 12 gauge and hand engraved.

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Beretta made the Silver Snipe O/U from 1955 to 1967. Their Golden Snipe was an upgrade to the Silver, and the Ruby Snipe was an upgrade to the Golden and was referenced in their 1959 catalog.

The Blue Book and Gun Digest don't reference the Ruby directly, but they both mention the Model 57E as an upgrade to the Golden Snipe, so I suspect the Ruby and 57E may be the same gun.

Value based on condition, $400 to $900 (fair to excellent).

You might want to peruse the Shotgunworld forum...they generally seem to have someone who knows about just about every shotgun made. http://www.shotgunworld.com/

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