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I have a 1936 8mm non-military Mauser all matching numbers pre-Nazi markings.It has a fixed Redfield iron sight w/ 1/4" clicks for windage and elevation.Can you tell me anything about this rifle.It has an excellent bored and is amazingly accurate and smooth to fire.Would this be considered a Sporter?

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Yes, once a rifle is drilled and tapped for commercial scope mounts, it is sporterized. However, this is rarely the only alteration. Usually the stocks are cut up and sanded down and the bolt may have been ground on to get it to clear the scope.

Sporterization is a common fate for most of these rifles as the veterans who brought them home intended to use them for hunting. However, this also kills the value. A sporterized rifle is typically $200 to $500 depending on the quality of the build. A matching original rifle from 1936 in very good condition is $3,000 plus.

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