i have a 1901 harrington and richardson 16 gauge topper shot...

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i have a 1901 harrington and richardson 16 gauge topper shotgun number 182092 behind trigger gaurd i am very curious what this gun may be worth having hard time even finding info on it Marv King

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The H&R Topper is valued at;
Exc. Cond: $100.00 USD
V.G. Cond: $80.00 USD
Good Cond: $60.00 USD
Hope this helps some,

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Mr. Richardson

The serial number "Guest" listed is too high to denote an H&R single barrel shotgun made in 1901.
My grandfather's 16 ga. H&R has a serial in the 12000 range and it was made around 1915.
I'd say your gun was most likely made in the 30's.
Furthermore, it is not a Topper.
The Topper name wasn't applied to H&R shotguns until 1943, with the introduction of the model 48.
Considering that there are apparently no letters that preceed the numbers in your H&R's serial number, it is safe to say the gun was made before 1939.
Considering condition, kcbuck is pretty "on" with his listed values.
If the gun is in very good ("new" ) condition, it may be worth a little more.
Do some more research and verify the model and approximate year of manufacture. That will help you assess the value better.

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I have a 32 caliber 7 shot Harrington & Richardson...
date on gun is 1898 PISTOL...I was told the 7-shot
was rare. Gerald

Thanks all.

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