I have a 1898 Winchester Model 94 (30 WCF), SN#134463. It is...

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I have a 1898 Winchester Model 94 (30 WCF), SN#134463. It is in original condition, but missing the bottom screw from the butt plate. I'm curious as to what it's worth, and hoping you, "the experts", can help. I'd be happy to share pics with those who might be interested.

Thanks for your time.

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Start sharing those photos. We are always interested. That is the best way for us to assess the condition of the rifle and then determine the value. This post might help also.
What I Need http://www.gunvaluesboard.com/give-me-what-i-need-294224.html

Your rifle was actually manufactured during 1901 not 1898. The SN/DOM data all over the internet is not correct. The original factory ledgers for your rifle still exist and are stored at the Cody Firearms Museum. If you would like to know the exact date your rifle's receiver was serialized, when the rifle was delivered to the warehouse and then shipped out please contact the Cody Firearms Museum. They can provide you with a "Factory Letter" which will have this data and the original configuration of the gun. An example is shown below. http://www.bbhc.org/firearms/index.cfm

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