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I have a 1884 wincherster 25-20 lever action cereal number #692298 what whould the price be and how could i find out also its in perfect condition

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1884 Winchester

So would that cereal be Wheaties, Cheerios or Frosted Flakes? Possiblly you meant, "serial"?

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Iam not sure what model rifle you do have. The .25-20 caliber cartridge was offered in the Model 1892 starting in 1895 and is a very popular rifle. Also the single shot 1885 rifle in a low wal configuration was chambered for this round.

A serial number of 692298 for the Model 1892 would date to 1912 manufacture. There are a few configuration variation which could affect the value. Does the rifle have a checkered stock and fore end? Is there a pistol grip stock. Is it a rifle or carbine configuration?

You might read this post and get back to me wit ha detailed description and maybe some photos.
http://www.gunvaluesboard.com/why-i-need-photos- 254864.html#25490

Never mind the prior response. He has obviously never made a mistake.


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