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I have a .22 Ruger pistol that looks rather like a
German Luger. It is Catalog No RST4 and is in the original box with the wax paper and all. I have probably fired 5 rounds through it in my life. It looks new. The box is a little chewed.
I am selling some guns to a local dealer, as I am getting too old to use several of them. I want to make sure I am getting at fair percetage of retail, so I am asking you for a ballpark range of value for this gun.

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It does look like a luger but its not a copy.

Is it marked 1 of 5000?

It looks like retail is between $600-700..


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Kelist: It does not say one of 5,000. It is in the original red box, has the original one year ruger guarantee card, and a reciept where my mother bought it on Dec 1, 1972 for $40 plus $2 tax!

The box and reciept identify the model as "Catalog No. RST4"

So, it is probably not a rare model.
Thanks for your help.

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