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I have 8mm 7.92 Spanish Mauser "Fabrica de Armas La Caruna 1951 with Maltese Cross stamped on it. It was given to me by the original owner. Looks original and for age in good condition. Any idea what it is worth?

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The Spanish Mausers are excellent examples of the rifle and the La Coruña armory made almost all of them.

8mm is not an unpopular round, but it's not the most desirable these days. Without seeing the gun, I would place the value at between $250 and $400, probably about $300 for a Very Good (VG) condition.

However, the Maltese Cross was used by many countries, but to my knowledge, only rifles from Malta, India and UK (Ghurka units) should have them. I am not aware of the UK ever using 8mm Mauser or buying Spanish rifles, nor India, which means most likely the rifle is Maltese.

Does it have any import marks and could you post photos of it showing the markings and proofs?

That alone would increase the value somewhat as it is unusual. if it's a genuine Maltese militia rifle, then I would add 10-20% to the prices above.

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