husqvarna .30-06

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I was given this gun and have no use for it at all. Just curious what a fair price for it would be.
Peep sights, but Simmons scope mounted on it. Bolt Action, On the top of the barrel is says Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB 30-06 U.S. And then serial number on the side is 142384.
Can anyone tell me anything at all about it?

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hello ,,these rifles were made in sweeden by huskavarna then imported into the states by various companys like stoger ,,interarms ect..they a built on comercial mauser actions in a varity of calibers ,,

,,,a good and fair selling price would be in the 350-550 range ,,always start higher in the private market and go from there ,,at auction i'd say start it low since you don't have anything in it and see where it goes from there,,it might bring some good money at the right auction with a proper description,,a gunshop might offer you 200-250 for it but beleive me these are good rifles and no way should you accept those prices ,,you could take it to some gunshows and seewhat people walking around would offer you for it..but try to holdout for the best price ,,fit and finish on most huskies i've seen is excellent and if yours is really clean i'd mabey even think about starting it at 650obo and see what people will offer you..

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MT. Wallet

It was made in 1952

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is there any thing you would be interested in trading your rifle for???

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D.H. Paterson

I have a husqvarna 30 06 and wondering its value

Thanks D.Paterson

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