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how much is a winchester model 37a with gold trigger, and a 36 inch barrel with full choke worth

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Bert H.
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I am going to assume that your Model 37A shotgun is a 12-gauge?

The Model 37A was manufactured in Canada (Ontario) during the early to mid part of the 1970s. Like everything else manufactured during that era, the quality control was not up to par with pre-1964 made guns. Consequently, there is very little collector interest in any Winchester made during that timeframe. If you can get $250 for it, consider it a good sale.

Bert H.

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Bioll L

I obtained one for $100.00 23 years ago.
Just had it redone by a good gun smith.
Re-blued and polish all pot metal, indtall newe front sight, install recoil pad and spacer for 14 inch length-of-pull, and hone out rough chamber for smooth ejection.
Paid $305.00
This gun has the following markings on the barrel: Gold Trigger.
Left Side -Winchester Model 37
A 12 ga, 2-3/4 and 3 inch Cham. Full Choike, Winchester Proff Steel, Made in Canada.
Right Side - Winchester New Hafvgin, Conn.l, # C691264.

It is a great shooter for high flyers and I value it at $800.00. Yes, the value is up to the owner and his pleasure in being the proud owner.
Get one if you can.
Bill L

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