how much is a Westpoint 30-30 worth?

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van vowell
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how much is a Westpoint 30-30 worth?

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is it a lever gun? can't find any info on a westpoint company,,

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troy z

The WESTPOINT is sold by Cotter and Company in Chicago. The model 33 is a copy of the Marlin 336. I believe all parts will interchange. It is possible that they were actually manufactured by Marlin. Cotter really catered to hardware stores such as True Value. It is common for manufacturers to assign a different name to the ones going to the department stores because they want to justify the price of the real name when sold exclisively at sporting goods stores. Most gun manufacturers do this or have done it in the past. I have seen the WESTPOINT sell at used dealers for the same price as the Marlins setting beside them. Why not?

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Ok I have a westpoint 30-30 model #33 in almost mint condition its a leaver action with a mounted scope and I'm haveing a hard time finding a price for it

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I have one like it mfg. In Early 1968 and it is valued around $450-550 in mint condition.

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two old dogs
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