How much is a 410 12mm harrington richardson pistol worth it has a 8 inch b...

how much is a 410 12mm harrington richardson pistol worth it has a 8 inch barrel ser# 298

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It appears that you have what is known as an "H&R Handy-Gun", produced sometime between 1921 and 1934. Most of them were made with a 12 1/4 inch barrel, although there were some made with the 8 inch barrel.
Two factors come into play when figuring out what a Handy-Gun is worth. The first is the condition of the gun. The better the condition, the more the gun is worth. These guns were originally made with a blued barrel and a color case-hardened frame. The more original finish you have the more you can expect to get for the gun.
The most important consideration in determining the value of your gun, however, is whether or not it is registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, and whether you have the proof of registration. The National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968 require that guns like yours must be registered, and if they are not registered they are considered to be contraband, and cannot be registered.
It should also be noted here that mere possession of an unregistered Handy-Gun is a serious violation of federal law, and can result in very grave penalties, including heavy fines and even prison time.
So.... if your Handy-Gun is properly registered, it could be worth as much as $1500 to $1800, depending on the condition of the original finish as well as the gun's mechanical condition. If it is not registered, it is worth exactly nothing. You can't legally own it or sell it.
Having said all that, there is one modification that you can make to an unregistered gun to make it legal.
But first, let us know if you have the registration papers for your Handy-Gun, and we'll take it from there.

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I dont have any papers for the pistol i dont yet own it

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richard - then please understand for you to legally purchase this gun, it would have to have been already "Registered" with BATFE via the appropriate Tax Stamp form previously mentioned. Then the appropriate transfer process, again through BATFE would have to take place.

So if you are contemplating purchase of this gun, the very first thing to do is ask if this paperwork is present and available for inspection. Without it I would stay away from the gun as far as possible.

(Note there is a legal work around as has previously been mentioned by conductor53, however that involves major <IMO> modification to the gun prior to acquisition. And personally is not worth the cost or hassle.)

Also please note that GVB asks for only one thread per gun. Looks like you previously posted this same question.



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thanks for the info. i guess i will stay clear of this mess thanks again

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