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Have a Winchester 71 in 348 calibre with peep rear sight which Ive been told is a bit rarer than open sighted versions.Condition, G 1. s/n 201xx. After a lot of searching around,I managed to aquire 100 new cases, 200 heads and a set of new dies.But am still wary of attempting to reload them.Could you advise approx year of manufacture,plus an approx value.Many thanks.

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Bert H.
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I will assume that the rear sight is a bolt-peep (attached to the bolt with a screw). If so, it is only slightly rarer than the standard barrel mounted rear sight. Winchester offered three different types of rear sights; (1) barrel mounted, (2) bolt-peep, and (3) receiver mounted peep.

The partial serial number you provided indicates it was manufactured in the March - May timeframe. If you want to know the exact date it was serialized, contact the Cody Firearms Museum Research Office, and for a nominal fee, they can provide you with that information.

As for your value question, that depends upon two things;

(1) Which variation Model 71 do you have (e.g. Sporting Rifle, Deluxe Sporting Rifle, Carbine, or Deluxe Carbine)?

(2) The graded condition (and "G 1 is not a useful term).

If possible, please post several clear (focused) pictures of your Model 71.

Bert H.

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