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UP-DATED 7-10-11 “ADDED NEW PARTS SITE - CHECKPOINTCHARLIES”: I have seen a lot of of requests for information since joining a short while ago and have compiled a list on on-line stores, should you be in the need of Gun Parts, Stocks, Ammunition, Gun Auctions (buy / sell), Firearm Magazines (Clips), Pistol Grips, Gun Holsters, Diagrams / Schematics, Gun Manuals and/or Scope Mounts. Below, that list is broken down by subject matter for your easy reference;

PARTS: gunpartscorp dot com, poppertsgunparts dot com, gun-parts dot com, e-gunparts dot com, and checkpointcharlies dot com. Check these web-sites out first when you are in need of any gun parts....

STOCKS: jerryjimersongunstocks dot com, boydsgunstock dot com, gunstock dot com, and rifle-stocks dot com. Check these web-sites out first when you need new or replacement stocks.

AMMUNITION: cheaperthandirt dot com, ammunitiontogo dot com, ammo-one dot com, eabco dot com, ableammo dot com, and the-armory dot com. However, for “Low Recoil Loads”, such as; 270, 300, 308, 30-06, 6.5mm or 7mm (with 50% of the recoil of a standard load, good for 200 yards or less) . Check these web-sites out first when you are in need of any ammunition for your firearms.... NOTE: I can personally recommend ”Cheaper Than Dirt” as their store is here in Ft. Worth. I have never had any problems with their ammunition or products that they sell in the Ft. Worth store or their on-line store when I’m on the road working....

GUN AUCTIONS: gunbroker dot com, auctionarms dot com, ebang dot com, and gunsamerica dot com. Check these web-sites out first when you are looking for a specific make and model number of firearm to purchase and/or list for auction (sell).... NOTE: I personally can recommend as I have used this site several times buying and selling from my collection. Also, their cost is minimal based upon the actual selling price of the firearm with no fees if your the buyer.

FIREARM MAGAZINES / CLIPS: gun-magazines-clips dot com, gunclips dot net, cheapgunmagazines dot com, ableammo dot com, and gunpartscorp dot com. Check these web-sites out first when you are in need of a new or additional magazines....

PISTOL GRIPS: pistolhandgrips dot com, gripsforguns dot com, gunaccessories dot com, and ableammo dot com. Check these web-sites out first when you are in need of a new or additional magazines....

WESTERN STYLE HOLSTERS: oldtradingpost dot com, cochiseleather dot com, circlekb dot com, and kirkpatrickleather dot com. MODERN HOLSTERS: opticsplanet dot net/pistol-holsters, holsters4guns dot com, bianchi-intl dot com, and holsters’s dot com. Check these web-sites out first when you are in need of a new or additional magazines.... I have used OpticsPlanet and Bianchi in the past and can recommend their web-sites....

DIAGRAMS / SCHEMATICS: weaponscombat dot com, gunpartscorp dot com, gunjunkie dot net, and brownells dot com. I haven’t used these sites yet but did visit them and they appear to be user friendly and say they have a number of “Exploded Firearms & Gun Diagrams” available for the most popular makes and model number. As I said, I haven’t tried yet to obtain any diagrams but it appears easy enough to download and print out - or so they say.... Or you can try these two out too, but I haven’t visited them yet to see how they are; and

MANUALS: cornellpubs dot com. They say they have thousands of reprinted catalogs and manuals on the various makes and model numbers of firearms from around 1830’s through the 1990’s. If you need some literture on your firearm this is the place to start looking.... Also, this place does have a **** load of manuals and from what it looks like, just about every manufacturer, but not every model. You’ll need Adobe Reader to open these “Owner’s Manuals” and to save them as they are pdf files.

SCOPE MOUNTS: opticsplanet dot net, scopemounts dot com, and kwiksitecorp dot com. Check these web-sites out first when you are in need of any scope mounts....

I hope that the above information will help assist you in your shopping needs for whatever you may be in the market for.... It should at least, reduce your time on-line hunting them up. Print this blog out for easy reference, so you won’t have to hunt and peck for it when you need it, or remember where in the blue blazes you read it....

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  • Chris Scott: Id just like to add all theses items mentioned in this post can also be found at one of the better online firearms stores called impact guns. Their site is easy to use and doesnt take alot of bandwidth to load for us military personnel deployed overseas, as well as a lot of their stuff is reasonably priced and they do offer discounts for military and law enforcement as well as gear and equipment essential to our jobs and firearms.
  • bob2231: Thanks for the Manuals link.It has some older & obscure models that I have,and wanted breakdowns for.
  • kcbuck: You are most welcomed, thought it would be a useful blog with all the questions I see concerning gun accessories and all....
  • dnorris: two questions ,any info on winchester model 100 manual pdf etc and does anyone know what the factory stock length is on same rifle
  • kcbuck: Check this web-sites under the category of "Manuals", above.
  • Capt_Leo: Thanks for all the info KC.
    Though I no longer sell guns, nor specialized parts for guns, I still sell some hunting supplies through my store and can order some things, including ammunition, some holsters, some stocks and grips, slings, cases, some CVA rifles, black powder accessories, knives, archery, gun cleaning and some tool kits, optics, calls, scents, etc. and of course, being a locksmith and safe tech among other things, locks and safes. I don’t keep much in stock right now since I am just starting to expand my line of products (fishing, boating, camping, and now hunting), but you’re welcomed to e-mail me through here and if I have it, I can tell you whether or not I sell it and what the price would be. I know that locally, on a cash and carry basis, there’s nobody in my area that can touch my prices on my sporting goods products.
    I used to have a great connection on all kinds of ammo, but lost that contact info and still looking for it since they offered just about anything in ammunition you could possibly want or need.
    Hope it’s ok to post this in here.
  • kcbuck: That’s what we’re here for to help each other out. Good luck with the expansion....
  • dennis: Thanks!
  • kcbuck: Glad I could help you out, Dennis.
  • Dennis: can you point me in a diresction where I can find diagrams, assembly instructions, manuals for a Galesi Mobel 605.
  • kcbuck: Look under the topics of "Schematics / Diagrams" and "Owner’s Manuals". There are a few web-sites listed that may have what you are looking for.
    Good Luck,
  • Jimmy Doolittle: Hey, I have 13 rounds of 32 rimfire short. Some are copper cased and some are brass.
  • johnboy: hey guys how ya doin’? i’m new at this computer stuff,so please bare with me! i have a sears,roebuck and co. model 10125 bolt action .410 with a 3 inch chamber and a 24inch barrel; there are two proof marks on the barrel, an S3 stamped inside a circle, and an SP stamped inside an oval. there is no serial# visable. the gun was my dads and he gave it to my oldest son. my problem is that while we were rabbit hunting the magazine tube fell out and we lost it in the snow. do you have any ideas or advice as to where i can find a replacement? thank you much!
  • kcbuck: You need to create a new post for this in the Sears & Roebuck forum. This is a blog post in "Top Articles" not intended for value questions. Click on "Forum" top left corner of the screen and scroll down to the "Sears & Roebuck" forum and select "Create a Post". Then retype all the above information you put in this blog. That’s the way it work new computer guy. No problem.... :)
  • Mike LaForge: Nummrich for Savage parts, too. Thanks for the list.
  • kcbuck: You are quite welcomed, Mike. I put it together to help people out in locating for items that they’re looking for. Glad to see that it is being helpful.
    Best Regards,
  • rem223: i found almost every part you can think of on Numrich
  • robert worm: Trying to figure out the trigger adjustment on a schultz and larsen model 70...Have to pull the trigger to release the bolt...wishin i could find a schematic
  • Giusseppi: I archive lots of documentation on Italian made guns. All I ask is a small donation; minimum $2.00 for my work and research! Ask, send and I’ll reply with a document!
  • MainMat: I am a new guy on here. I’m thankful I stumbled upon this site as I have learned a good deal just reading
    already. I have a decent collection and would love to send that information you require and the pictures of
    one item I think is worth a decent figure.
    I would request an email addy for you. No hurry sir, thanks.
    R Mat
  • McSpadden: Nice list KC. I can also recommend the auction sites. Just check the feedback! Have made at least a dozen purchases from auction arms alone. Dave
  • Len: thank you so much for the lists of sites, i may have finally found a clip for , and for kicks wanted to know what it is worth, thanks again.
  • kcbuck: That’s what we’re here for to help each other out. Glad I was able to steer you in the right direction on that clip....
    Be Good,
  • redblood: there is one site you have for gun parts that doesn’t work. checkpointcharlies
    Also... so far. I havent found what I am looking for. Parts for a modle 66 Taurus 357. the cylinder to be
  • MainMat: Hey redblood,
    Have you tried Numerich gun parts? I seem to find a few hard to find
    parts from them.
    Good luck,
  • wolfpatrol: I have a Soc. lt. Flli Galesi-Brescia-Cal.6.35
    made in italy
    a star stamped on it with psf below it
    and it has xx below it.
    I have no idea what it is? what its worth? and i do need a clip for it. can anyone help me i’m lost?
  • kcbuck: Your questions need to be put into a new post in the correct forum and not inserted as a comment to this blog which has nothing to do with the subject matter.... By putting it into a new post in the correct forum this will ensure that the correct person reads it and answers it.
  • amr: veerrrryyyy and extraordinary web site for manuals, i have 4 hours searching for my luguer and walther pp 9 kurz manuals , found them in a minute.
    don’t you have accessories sites for such pistols .
    thank you very much
  • bob2231: Don’t know if redblood still needs it,but Numrich has the 66 blue cylinder for about $60.
  • i would like to buya extra magazine for a 270 rem: i would like to buy a owers manual also a parts list can anyone sent me some infomation
  • Matt: I need to find a magzine for a F.I.E. Corp. Titan .25 Auto... an ideas?
  • Kurt Sowards: Im looking for a diagram of a RG23 22LR revolver. If you can help please send me an email
    Thank You
  • kcbuck: Look under Diagrams / Schematics in the above blog post. There are a few sites listed that may have what you are looking for. Good Luck....
  • discover: You know..this should be a sticky on the home page....GUN PARTS and MAGS, etc
  • kcbuck: Ya think so? It does appear to be a rather popular blog post.
  • bob2231:


  • kcbuck: Well, thank you Bob for doing Kurt’s shopping for him. You’re nicer than I, the NFL Play-Off’s are on....
  • bob2231: Well,my team hasn’t been in the playoffs this century,so...........
  • rayce: I’m looking for a magazine clip for a AG Galesi .25 cal auto
  • hntrman: Thanks for the listings for parts etc. It sure makes life easier.
  • kcbuck: I’m just glad it’s helping people out and seems to be so popular....
    Thanks Yall.
  • bugsbfan1: Might have known this was you. You have answered some questions for myself and a ton for other people, it seems, and I just wanted to say it is very kind of you to take the time to do all that for complete strangers. Someone should say an "in general" Thank you for your many contributions to this board. Seem like a type of person that cares for his fellow human being and we seem to be running out of people like that. Its very refreshing So I say A heartfelt thank you! Sincerely, Bugsbfan1– Sab is the name, short for Sabatino
  • kcbuck: That was very nice of you to say and I do really appreciate it. One of life’s little pleasures is just a "Thank You" from someone appreciative of our efforts or services. You are truly a gracious gentlemen Mr. Sabatino.... People like you are why we do these things.
    Be Good,
  • discover: I also appreciate Kevin...I salute you:)
  • kcbuck: You’re a sweetie too Discover. I have always thought you were a stand up kind of guy and really enjoyed our past conversations. Keep on keeping on sir.... When housekeeping has been done here I will come back. It’s just that some people need to be avoided for our own mental health and welfare.
    Semper Fi Discover,
  • bugsbfan1: KcBuck, What would we do without you! You are a great help to us all. Also Very Kind Person (I would Imagine) as you must take a lot of your time to feed us all your info. Thanks and a big Thumbs up!!!! Bugsbfan1
  • bugsbfan1: Your quite welcome Kevin, Thanks for the nice compliment. Please call me Sab. Actually my 1st name is Sabatino. What a mouthful huh LOL That’s why I try and make it easy with Sab for short. One thing about a first name like that is people do not forget you. Only other Sabatino’s I know (1st Names) are my father and son. I am sure we will talk again, Be Well, Sab
  • bugsbfan1: Kevin, Wrote this before I seen your response to me. No matter a double compliment well deserved, Sab
  • kcbuck: Sab, it’s a fine name "Sabatino".... Bets what my wife "The Bonehead" calls me, actually she has a few names.
  • Jorge Barba: Thank you very much, you have been of great help
    But many places won’t ship rifle parts down
    To Bolivia:(
  • bugsbfan1: As usual KC once again you went out of the way to help people, I thank you. You may have mentioned this site but if not FYI is a very good site for ammo. They seem to have just about all your looking for. I looked in many places and no one had the inventory they have. There prices are very competitive also. Another place to go for magazines is Numrich,I believe the site address is or for any ques. add info@ in front of this address. They had 2 Mags I was searching for over 6 months and at decent prices. I found 380 Beretta 8 round mags for 19.90 ea. My gun said model 85BB but I was told the model 85 they had is the one for the gun and they were correct. I also found M1 30 round carbine mags. They said they were old but never used and were 39.99. I found these mags at other places but out of stock and Beretta mag was 39-59 and the M1 was 39 to 49 for 15 round mags. I could not even find 30 round listed except at Sportsman guide and they are as cheep but out of stock for over 6 months now. Good Luck and wave to the NSA everyone LOL ****.
    If anyone is looking for A 15 rifles they have them in stock at Bass Pro shop. At least in the store in Ft. Myers and for as low as $849 to upper 1200.
  • bugsbfan1: KC I tried yet again to give you a well deserved heads up and once again I was unable to??? Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Also I have 2 rifles Ak an M1 I still want the AR though. I fired that when I was in the Army. 1/2 way through boot camp the Army went from M14 to the M16. I ended up being a Drill Instructer and when we took our troops to range I would have the detail that loaded the Magazines. Well long story short we always loaded way to many sometimes 60 70 or so. They did not want to unload as they were off the 10 round easy loading strips so I always got to empty them on fully auto. I was not even 20 yrs. old and what a Blast.(No Pun Intended) Sorry for the ramble it was just a very fond memory and was the last time I got to fire a fully auto weapon. Oh, if you don’t mind, one more thing. Should I beware of the cheaper AR models?? I know a lot of times they are as good a weapon as the more expensive, as the expensive one is merely charging for there good and also popular name where as an unknown has to be cheaper until they build a good reputation.??? Any Input on that KC? you can email me directly about that if you wish. Thanks Man,I would appreciate your input. I always do. Seems you never say a word unless you know the answer. I like that No BS. Best Regards, Bugs
  • kcbuck: bugsfan1:
    I have revised the post to include the inter-net addresses you proved in the appropriate categories. Thanks for your input and now all will be more informed.
    As far as cheaper AR’s go or any other model of firearm, inspect the weapon you are thinking about buying by field striping it and check for inferior parts or materials. Also check on how well the parts mesh together for excess slop in how they fit together. This is the best way to put your mind at ease with the purchase and at the same time you are checking on the quality that the manufacturer puts out. After all this, follow your instincts on the weapon and the purchase, any hesitation in your minds eye don’t buy it and spend the extra cash for a quality weapon. After all, you really do get what you pay for.... Thanks for the input and the question.
  • slowbutsure: Hi! just got on the site today. Read some of the stuff on your blog. Which brings me to asking about front and rear sights barrel mounted (iron). I recently came onto a 99 .300 SAV., but the original sights have been misplaced. SO...I would like to have these for the weapon. If it helps...SN:6342XX and on the lever boss is a circle with 2B enclosed. Can you help? sbs
  • kcbuck: Members & Guests:
    I’m so glad that everyone has found this blog post so useful as that was my intent.... Yall have made this blog post the most popular, most opened, and most used blog post on Gun Values Board to date. Thanks and I’m so glad that it has helped and served your needs.
    Best Regards,
  • Sonny: Looking for a bauer automatic firearm .25 magazine clip plz help!!
  • two old dogs:

    Sonny: This subject is better handled in the posting of a question rather than a reply to a blog. Original magazines are occasionally available on ebay, and Reproduction magazines are available from the following supplier:

  • Mike Sanchez: I’m looking for a trigger guard for a Ranger Model 103-13
  • two old dogs: Mike: Please post your question on the regular forum and I’ll try to direct you to a supplier.
  • Dave468: Last week, I wanted to research Winchester rifles before I sent in a question. While looking through this site, I found this page of references. I read some <email> and found them most helpful. I am very much an amateur about the terms used on and I found the manuals to be very helpful.
    So I want to say thanks to you, kcbuck, for your thoughtfulness and help. Dave
  • Amr elsoussy: dear all friends
    does some know any shotgun spare parts buyer in BOLOGNA - ITALY.
    for bretta a303 models
    thanks for all
  • XPilot: Darn nice of you, appreciated....
  • kcbuck: Dave468: You are quite welcomed...
  • jegrigg: Thank you, it is not easy to find parts for some of these older savage .22’s.
  • Steve: Looking for a magazine for a Glenfield model 50-20 gauge shotgun.
    Are there any around?? I’f so, how much??
    Thanks, Steve
  • msmike: the glenfield model 50 it is a marlin model 55. you will have better luck if you get a crossrefrance list and look under all the model no’s that this shotgun was sold under.
  • Steve: Mike
    Thanks for the response. Yes, I know they are both the same. I’m looking for,a 20 gauge magazine. Today I found that someone took a 12 gauge magazine and bent the clips inward to fit 20 gauge shells.
    So, I’m going to try that, as I’ve had no luck at all trying to find a 20 gauge magazine.
    Thanks again,
  • msmike: i have heard that bending the feed lipps works too. one more check you can do the model 55 was allso sold as the western field emn 176.

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