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I have a set of Browning BPS shotguns (one 20 ga and one 12 ga). Both have silver engraved recievers, hard custom DU cases and neither gun has ever been fired. They are both in abaslute new condition.

Can someone tell me what these are worth together in as a set ???


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your browning pumpguns are what i would call a cross collectable ,,a browning collector would look at them as being a limited edition ,,and there are ducks unlimited collectors out there who collect special runs ,,as for a value ,,i'd say proably around 500-700 each at auction or to one of the above collectors,,they might bring more or less sold as a package deal,,

..Special run guns sometimes don't have the following that the standard edition model will have just because there more of a collectable than a shooter,,not saying people don't shoot them ,,but usually there such a nice model that people don't want to fire them..and figure they will increase in value if i don't shoot them,,sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't really make much difference ..value wise that is ..

... i'm not saying that a nib gun isn't worth more than a throw in the truck shotgun,,but most people looking for a pump shotgun don't care whats on the sides or whats gold plated,,there looking for something to bring home the game ..Pretty doesn't always shoot any better than the ugly guns ..lol..

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Are you willing to sell the pair??

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