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I have an old pistol that has been handed down but although I have quite a few I have to say I am not into guns that much. I think I remember my dad telling me it was his fathers, fathers or something like that. I am just wondering how to find a value. It is labeled on the barrel as "Colt Single Action Army .44 Special" and has a pat. date of Sept. 19th. 1871. It then has dates below that of July 2, 72, Jan 19, 75. I assume that is 1872 and 1875? There is a six digit serial number in many places that starts with 218XXX. It has a few scratches around and the front site has been broken off but I still have the site. I would say the grips are western looking, light in color with random grooves cut into them. It has an all blue finish and looks to be in real good shape, except for the front site of course. I can tell it has been fired and looks like it needs to be cleaned.

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It was made in 1901. I'd need real good pictures to determine it's value, it's all about original condition, condition, condition.

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Thanks for the response SS, its great to know the year. Is there a way to post pictures here? Is there a ballpark value say from bad condition to good?

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