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I own a Colt Combat Python which is one of 500 made for Lew Horton. I've a letter from Colt confirming this.
The value of these seem to be all over the board startng in the high 2 thousands to a recently advertised one for 6 thousand 500.

What is a fair value for one that has been fired 12 times and been locked away in a safe.

Should I hold or sale?

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Robert Morelli

Hold onto that gun Unless you really need 1700 dollars . <email>

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Only you can detrmine to sell or keep your Gun.With a lot of investments going into the toilet in my opinion your gun will gain value as long as you keep it and maintain the integrity of the guns finish. Box and paper increases value to collectors.Three inchers are pretty low in numbers which is a big pluss for you I bout a 2.5 stainless unfired for 2000.00 yesterday. SWo even 2.5 inchers have gone Up.@600 was the next cheapest currently listed with 3600.00 being the highest so I would say 3 to 4 k on your gun depending on condition and extras.

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The 3 inch is CLEARLY the collectors version, it says of 500 but on around 300 were actually delivered.

I sure hope there's no signs of shooting and you have the original box and paperwork or the that will hurt. I've seen people ask huge dollars for these but I've never seen them sell. I can believe a 3" might pull in $3,000 on a good day but IMHO I believe their price has peaked, there's only so many people willing to drop that amount of money on a "newer" (last 50 years) gun to look at.

If you find someone selling one for 5-6000 offer them yours for 3,500 or list yours with a starting price of 3,000 (auction) like gunbroker.com, it's reach fair value.

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