Clerke First

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I have a Clerke First 22 handgun my father purchased back in 1968-1969. It is in the original box and has never been fired. Does anyone have an idea what it is worth?

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As they say safety first:

Whatever you do, do NOT fire it. I hear people say this sometimes and I roll my eyes but seriously on this one I just would not, being unfired you wouldn't want to anyhow.

This would be a, I don't want to say novelty, but just something someone would collect because and being new in the box is absolutely best.

I'm sure anyone will give $50 for it, but if you find the right person or two willing to bid against each other it could reach $200. (i.e.

Legality also needs to be covered on this firearm, I would say it's the responsibility of the buyer to know this and frankly I doubt even many FFL's would know this if it's being shipped. This is a "pot metal" (die-cast zinc) firearm it's actually not legal to own in some states. There's actually very little metal in that frame

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