can new 32 s&w ammo be fired in a 32 cal iver johnson top break open revolver mfg in 1896?

can new 32 s&w ammo be fired in a 32 cal iver johnson top break open revolver mfg in 1896? The ammo looks new and so does the box.

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the answer is NO. shoud use black powder loaded
32 cal. cases. that's safe way...........

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hello,,the big question here is the condition of the revolver ,,these old pistols are usually found in pretty poor condition,,because they have been WELL used ,,have it checked by a competant gunsmith and see if it's safe to shoot with ANY ammo,,

the 32 s+w cartridge load data states the difference from a factory black powder load to a factory smokeless load of being 25 feet per second more with a smokeless load over the black powder load (680 fps bp load) (705fps smokeless )energy levels are (90 foot pounds bp) as opposed to (115 foot pounds) for the smokeless ,,so the difference is very minimal,,BUT AGAIN ..MAKE SURE THE PISTOL "IS SAFE TO SHOOT WITH EITHER LOAD" !!! i've owned a few of these and in "good working order" ,,i don't think you'd have an issue,,i'd stick with the s+w shorts ,,and never try anything except the correct ammo ,,always better to be safe than sorry ,,

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Old shooter

So where can 32 S&W ammunition be found in black powder?

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Do an Internet search. At one time Buffalo Arms sold it but it's been a while since I bought any. It's also easy to reload and you can use any one of the blackpowder substitutes.

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Buffalo Arms has not had any BP 32 S&W for about 6 months now. They don't know when they will have anymore.

I have a small frame 2nd model Iver Johnson mnf somewhere around 1903 - 1907.

I don't reload yet so I'll keep checking around.

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11 months ago #7
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Mike: Try: They don't list the .32 S & W Black Powder loads, but do list .32 Colt in Black Powder loads and can probably load .32 S & W Black Powder loads for you.

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